Video calling apps gained a tremendous boost due to the outbreak of COVID 19. Zoom calls app received a whopping 20 times increase in its users in just 3 months. Now, Instagram has rolled out video chat rooms that support up to 50 people by integrating Facebook’s Messenger Rooms support.

It announced this new feature with a tweet explaining the process to send invites. They also attached a video along with it showing you how to use the feature.


How to Use this New Feature

  1. The app has a shortcut to this feature in the DM section.
  2. To use it, you will have to click on the video chat icon on top of the screen.
  3. Tapping on it gives you the option to create a Messenger Room.
  4. Here, it will ask you to share a link with the people you wish to chat with.
  5. Even people without Instagram will be able to join through this link.
  6. Lastly, the app will ask to open in the messenger app and you will be able to begin your video call.

The audience is already there and people don’t need to install a separate app for video calling, which gives it the edge over other apps. What’s more? It’s free! This will further drive organic growth on the platform just like it did when the LIVE feature was introduced. The feature also gains exposure through facebook’s vast network of users making it one of the most convenient platforms. You can also expect a similar version of Video Chat Rooms to follow suit on WhatsApp as well since both platforms are owned by the same parent company—Facebook. Along with this Facebook is also experimenting with nitty-gritty features like mood lighting, virtual backgrounds and 360 backgrounds that change as you move around.

Back in 2013, Snapchat had introduced its stories feature. Three years into the future, Instagram joined in on this trend and in just one year, it had outpaced Snapchat in viewership. Needless to say, given its massive user base, this feature just might be the next big thing on the gram and is sure to give Zoom a run for its money.