In an announcement to help creators further monetize their posts on Instagram, the social media app has announced a new affiliate marketing program that will ease the process of monetizing promotional products for creators, in addition to its Stars creator donations process.

Instagram stated that the affiliate marketing program was initiated  “As part of our ongoing commitment to help creators turn their passion into a living, we are launching a native affiliate program on Instagram in the coming months. Affiliate will make it possible for creators to get fairly compensated for seamlessly sharing product recommendations, as well as make it easier for people to find products they love.”

Instagram will be testing the new native affiliate tool in the next few months and the tool would essentially enable creators to identify new products available for sale which could be then shared with their followers and help the creators earn commissions for any subsequent purchases that they enable. The followers will be able to understand which products will enable their creators to receive commission by looking at the notifier on top of the uploaded posts stating Eligible For Commission.

Creators would have to sign up for the new affiliate marketing program to further monetize their posts. Through the program, they will be able to choose the promotional products available to them in the app which they can add to their posts. Followers who are interested in the said products can tap through on their posts and make a purchase and the creator would get the commission.


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