Its been a big year for Instagram – it reached 2 billion users this year. Along with these milestones, it had a few setbacks too – major setbacks. It all started with losing its independence from Facebook.

It also seemingly took on some of TikToks features and lost what some considered to be its unique identity.

Unfortunately, it’s not the old Instagram we used to know and love. Now, it feels like the best parts of Facebook and Snapchat are on the app.

As for the users and creators of the app, Instagram gives insight into their competitive landscape and provides specific features that are planned for their app moving forward to 2023.

According to a video posted on the platform by Adam Mosseri, the platform will be focusing on its original feature, filters.

The first time we heard about it, we thought that the whole gist of these filters was just like Snapchat where you add text and then take a picture.

But once you start using different filters on your pictures, you realize theres more to it than meets the eye!

Instagram is also going to focus on growing in popularity as an AR/VR platform, especially since it currently lacks certain tools needed for making AR content.

Another big challenge that people face when they switch to Instagram is finding things to follow and keeping the new content in the feed. We’re hopefully looking forward to a better algorithm in 2023.

Today, more people are sharing and discussing posts in DMs and Stories. To make conversations flow more easily, Instagram has released a feature called ‘Notes’ that is likely to bring more engagement to the platform!

So far, the creators of Instagram seem ready to kickstart 2023 but we’re yet to see the features they have saved for later!