Instagram Stories have quickly become one of its most popular features with more than twice the users per day as compared to Snapchat, where the Stories feature was first introduced. Now, Instagram is trying to build further on its Stories experience with a more focussed approach to it on the app.

They are testing a feature that will let users see two rows of Stories at once on the home screen and all the Stories will appear together in a separate scrollable full-screen Stories-only experience within the app. A button beneath the stories on the home screen will take you to this page.

California based social media manager, Julian Gamboa first spotted this new feature and he shared a screenshot of it on Twitter on the 27th of June. After using it for a week, he said that the new feature makes it easier to pick your favourite stories and gives Stories a Netflix like feel. He also added that it was easier to skip unwanted content.

Social media hacker and blogger Jane Manchun Wong had predicted this feature back in April on Twitter.

As of now, the feature is being tested only on a small number of people. Given the impressive appeal of Stories to advertisers, it is natural for Facebook to give more importance to the feature and experiment with it from time to time to see what works best. When the new feature will be made public and how it will be received is yet to be seen.