The range of updates that started back in January this year has expanded its horizon to introducing a bunch of different features that cover various aspects of Instagram.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has churned yet another topic of conversation with his latest announcement for some exciting features that are ready to be tested and launched specifically for the benefit of the creators.

The feature now allows the creators in the US to give out subscriptions to their followers, thus allowing creators to make content more exclusive and intimate whilst not hampering the vast number of followings and reach.

Adam Mosseri promises the feature to include subscriber-only stories, videos, live streams and even badges, The feature is expected to expand into subscriber-specific chats, reels, posts and even a subscriber-home.

This Subscriber-home will hold all the exclusive content in a single place, giving subscribers easy and only access to it. The chat too has increased its capacity to hold up to 30 subscribers at once, with vanishing chats that will last up to 24 hours.

These features will surely enhance the experience of both, the creator and the viewer and improve relations while allowing a loyal audience.