Infosys, an Indian multinational leader in digital services and consulting, has announced their collaboration with Microsoft to bring together their respective artificial intelligence (AI) abilities to accelerate the adoption of AI solutions across multiple industries.

These solutions will leverage Infosys Topaz, Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services. These will enhance Infosys’s capabilities and help customers transition more easily from digital to AI solutions, which will accelerate their efficiency, decrease their turn-around time and open useful new business models.

Generative AI has opened up new avenues of AI applications across various industries, and Infosys aims to provide services and platforms in multiple areas, including semantic search, document summarization and marketing content creation, among many others.

According to the company, “the integrated solutions will accelerate rapid democratization of data and intelligence that will help businesses increase productivity and drive new revenue growth.”

Balakrishna D. R, Executive Vice President and Global Head – AI and Automation, Application Development & Maintenance, Infosys, said, “Infosys Topaz is empowering businesses with improved operational efficiencies and reduced time-to-market for launching new products and services. Through our strategic collaboration with Microsoft, we will continue to lead the generative AI revolution, helping businesses amplify human potential and navigate their next step towards becoming AI-first enterprises.”

Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Officer, Microsoft Corp, said, “We’re pleased to expand our collaboration with Infosys to deliver innovative solutions, utilizing Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services, that will help customers develop new business models, and realize new revenue streams. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Infosys will help customers accelerate growth and innovation.”

Infosys and Microsoft’s collaboration is a striking example of the widespread recognition and utilization of AI in this rapidly digitizing world. Through their combined efforts, their consumers are likely to experience a stunning transformation in their professional experiences.