Infectious Advertising has won the digital advertising mandate for MyGenie, a newly launched product from ITPeopleNetwork LLC, based in Chicago. The Creative agency will be responsible for the management of MyGenie’s social media presence, paid media creative and digital collaterals, and activations.

MyGenie is an online marketplace for employers and workforces. Currently, the platform caters to the Information Technology sector in the US by providing opportunities to both Employers and Workforce to fulfil project requirements (skilled experts, tools, and accelerators) to deliver business results.

Nisha Singhania, director, co-founder, Infectious Advertising, said, “MyGenie is a fantastic platform which gives both employers and employees flexibility as well as access. It’s our honour to be chosen by them as their creative partner and we look forward to building the brand together.”

Ramanuj Shastry, director, co-founder, Infectious Advertising added, “MyGenie’, the workplace of the Future, will be the ‘New Normal’ – an evolutionary idea about the disruptive marketplace whose time has come. Super chuffed to have been chosen to partner this game-changing business.”

Amit Dutta, CEO, ITPeopleNetwork, said, “MyGenie is an ingenious, innovative, and state-of-the-art employer-workforce engagement marketplace. It re-defines how “Opportunities” are designed and offered, “Breakdowns” prevalent dysfunctional models, and re-imagines “Workplace” of the future. We chose Infectious as our partner for our dream project because of their broad range of expertise, creative abilities, and customer service. MyGenie’s ambitions growth trajectory will depend on two crucial factors, first, the direction in which we are heading (innovative idea), and second, the momentum at which the joint team is propelling it (thrust). I believe we are on our way to achieving stratospheric growth for MyGenie.”