While there are various things that launch in the country each day, the latest launch of the country has been attracting countless every day. It is the desi version of the famous foreign show ‘Shark Tank’ that is keeping the viewers busy since the beginning of the new year.

The show features a bunch of contestants who aspire to make it big as entrepreneurs. These contestants come in with their pre-planned business proposition and present it in front of the ‘Sharks’ in the hopes of getting them to invest. People from all sorts of backgrounds are coming forth and proudly having a platform to showcase the same.

It was observed that doing such a show in India is welcoming the audience to think greater beyond the typical jobs that the country pushes its youth towards. Shark Tank is introduced keeping in mind India’s diverse population and the ideas that these minds are planted for years.

Social media recognizes the growing popularity of the show and is spreading like a wildfire among viewers. The efforts by the show to market it are being successful and is reaching the end user in various forms of networking.

Influencers on Instagram are always looking for opportunities to post creative content. They are in a hunt for trending topics on a daily basis and it seems like ‘Shark Tank’ is their new amusement. Several reels of people comically enacting the sharks or tweaking the actual content into something hilarious is making people laugh their heart out.

We’re all in for welcoming a serious show that promises change and some jokes that keeps it light, all thanks to our Instagram celebrities and memers!

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