Sitting for interviews is nerve-jittering and scary especially when you’re putting yourself out there in a position to be judged at both a professional and personal level. However, some have it worse than others. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially the Transgender community, are often at the risk of being judged on their orientation, misidentified, and misgendered.

In a heartwarming campaign #EmpathyAtWork, Indeed has shown how easy it is to be a comforting presence in a stressed-out world, emphasizing on the importance of empathy at the workplace.

The campaign follows Taylor, an LGBTQIA+ job seeker prepping for a big interview. The campaign follows Taylor’s journey where they are seen reading Indeed’s article on interview tips for trans and binary people, selecting the right outfit, and even the nerves they experience while they wait for their interview to begin.

As Taylor takes a seat inside the room, the interviewer introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Dorian and I use the pronouns he/him,” he says. “Are you comfortable sharing how you’d like to be addressed?” The moment Taylor hears Dorian’s pronouns, they are at ease with the situation in front of them and are shown to be quite relaxed and confident during the time.

Indeed then asks its viewers to check out consisting of a wide number of resources for the LGBTQIA+ community as well as for employers. The campaign ends with the brand stating, “We can’t show what we can do until we can show up as who we are.”