Iconic Jingles Of All Time

There is some very original music in the field of advertising. And others will certainly make space in our playlists.

Although the words of the songs we sing might not be remembered, we always recall jingles. Some of them are better than most.

When you look back in time and see what brand means at that time or now, brands have for years been about more or less as a means of distinguishing between high-end goods or services and low-end products or services. We are conditioned to believe that “brand means something useful,” which is why marketers should concentrate on the more profound aspects of brand adoption. If we look at what differentiates between the best brand we can find – picture, quality and positioning through its commercials, maybe why hearing a jingle, seeing an image or feeling the story reminds us of the specific brand ads.

Be it Airtel’s signature tune or Pepsi’s Oye Bubbly, we’ve all loved these tunes, ever since they first aired, how many of these iconic jingles do you remember?

1. Airtel’s Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai: Friends are important in our lives and play a huge role in our lives, especially for the youth. Airtel went on to make one of their most famous jingles on the importance of friendship.

2. Airtel, Instrumental: Composed by the maestro A.R. Rahman, it is one of the most iconic jingles from the telecom industry and has remained synonymous with the brand ever since.

3. Pepsi’s Oye Bubbly: Despite the campaign not gaining much traction, the jingle went viral and was loved by everyone. Pepsi even proceeded to use this jingle in their other campaigns because of its wide popularity.

4. Amul’s The Taste of India- Mero Gaam Kath Parey: One of the very first commercial jingles in the country, it captivated viewers through the story told.

5. Nirma Washing Powder: One of the most popular jingles in Indian advertising undoubtedly. Nirma gained many customers and wide love from the public through this particular jingle.

6. Pond’s Googly Woogly Woosh: The fun and carefree jingle stayed with Ponds on many a campaign, and all of them had a cutesy theme to match the jingle song.

7. CloseUp’s Pass Aao Na: A super catchy jingle that wouldn’t leave your mind come what may, CloseUp knew what they were doing.

8. Mentos’ Dimag Ki Batti Jala De: Although the commercial didn’t have any lyrics attached, viewers were always glued to the ad that displays the evolution of man.

9. Hero MotorCorp’ Hum Mein Hai Hero: Featuring A.R. Rahman, the jingle captures the loving essence of unity and hard work as through various people working towards their goal.

10. Bajaj Scooters’ Humara Bajaj: An iconic jingle from the 80s, it was widely known and loved by the people at the time so much so that buying a Bajaj Scooter became a dream for many when it first aired.