In hard times, there is usually a desperate need for something light-hearted to help forget other worries. Lately, brands have been making this to their use and have found the most hilarious ways to promote their products or services. Who better to put a smile on people’s faces than the comedy experts themselves?

Stand-up comedians are now the ones driving the most audience towards themselves with their witty nature. Their skits and shows are always open to people from all age groups who laugh their hearts out. Brands have been bringing back this old technique as their ‘new’ way of advertising and have been successful in drawing attention.

Not only this, but struggling comedians have been benefitting from this way of advertisement and marketing to make themselves recognized by associating with an established or an establishing brand. Such comedians are making use of different platforms to strengthen their followers reach by promoting the brand in multiple ways.

What now is completely under the influence of comedy gurus, initially started off as Bollywood celebrities reading off a comedy skit. However, with the rise in fame of the comedians, brands saw it best to hand off the job to people who do it best.

There are countless advertisements with millions of views that leave an impact with a powerful campaign message that most deliver by making the audience laugh uncontrollably. Such a way of marketing the brand is highly preferred as it remains unforgettable for days and hence redirects people in large numbers.

Here is a list of examples that shows how subtly brands market themselves or some merely like to do it out loud, all backed with the help of laughter magicians.