Developing a personal connection has recently been given a new turn. While most ads still take the help of famous actors and celebrities, these brands have stirred a conversation by doing something unexpected.

The CEOs and owners of brands are coming and featuring in their own ads lately as a way of connecting to the audience on a better level and developing a sense of trust for the viewers.

Here are some of the most interesting examples of the same-

1) SUGAR Cosmetics 

CEO Vineeta Singh makes an appearance in the latest SUGAR ad, showcases the makeup’s smudge-proof quality

2) Mamaearth 

Not just the co-founders, Varn and Ghazal Alagh, but also their children were featured.

3) HDFC Bank

Anuradha Menon features in a series of ads, creating awareness about the fraudulent practices regarding banking.

4) Oppo 

Oppo’s Chief marketing officer, Damyant Singh Khanoria featured as one of Varun Dhawan’s friends