The country has seen some drastic changes this month. From the shortage of oxygen concentration and hospital beds to constant depletion of resources and an increased mortality rate like never before, we’re going through a lot.

All through the chaos and havoc presented, social media platforms have presented themselves as a place of succour and aid.

Influencers and the Public (from students to professionals) alike are coming together on these platforms to help the people of the country.

These volunteers have been amplifying and responding to requests on Twitter and Instagram about covid patients seeking oxygen, ventilators, hospital beds, plasma, and medicines.

Despite there being an information overload, especially on Twitter, and inconsequential information, these volunteers have been tackling requests head-on to make sure that the requests being responded to are provided accurate and precise details to ensure they get the help they’re asking for.

Influencers and the public have been overwhelmed and mentally drained by all the aid they’re assisting with, yet they haven’t stopped. They’ve been working tirelessly to connect patients with the right people. The volunteers have even created groups that constantly verify contacts and leads that could help those sending out SOS requests all to ensure that they send out help immediately.

Despite social media platforms known for inciting humor and presenting it as a safe haven from the daily woes, the public and influencers have transformed it into a center for help and therapy.