In an age where online shopping has become a need rather than a luxury, logistics companies have witnessed an ever-rising demand. This usually translates to increasing competition and that means brands must establish their superiority by taking on their competition directly while communicating with their audience. While some take swipes at their opponents directly, the ones who think outside the box do a far more effective job of making an impression.

In an advertising stunt that they called ‘Trojan Style’, DHL made exemplary use of technology to pull a prank on their competition in Germany where they let their competitors, viz. UPS, TNT and DPD, do most of the work for them. To carry out this ingenious prank, large packages with a hidden message were shipped to extremely hard to find locations through DHL’s unsuspecting competitors. The message was hidden by a temperature-sensitive foil which becomes transparent when the temperature rises. These packages were kept cool until just before being picked up and when it was time for delivery, the hidden message, “DHL IS FASTER” in big bold letters, was unveiled for the world to see while being lugged around by the competitors around the crowded streets who were struggling to find the right address.

The clever use of technology and the novelty of the idea was truly outside the box and they managed this without spending a fortune on billboards or commercials. Take a look at the campaign here.