Usually, when people play the FIFA series online, most are biased to choose the best football clubs out there- F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., amongst others. Rarely would gamers play a Division 2 or 3 club, let alone a Division 4 club.

But turns out, all you need is a Burger King sponsorship to be one of the most widely popular clubs on FIFA 20.

In a stroke of marketing genius, Burger King launched a campaign with the least popular football club in the UK and turned it into one of the most popular clubs on the videogame FIFA.

Launched in 2019, Burger King sponsored the team Stevenage F.C. and invited players to select this particular team and complete a series of in-game challenges. All they had to do was participate in the #StevenageChallenge wherein they would have to upload videos of their completed in-series game challenges and they automatically stood to win freebies from Burger King such as free delivery, free Whopper, and even free Whoppers for the whole year.

Sponsoring Stevenage F.C. meant that theyd have their logos on the players jersey for a fraction of the actual sponsorship cost and with the challenge imposed, they gained massive popularity in no time.

The campaign undoubtedly gained worldwide traction and went on to earn three Grand Prix, in Brand Experience and Activation, Direct and Social/Influencer at the Cannes Lions 2021.