Ashoka, a ready-to-eat packaged food brand, launched a new creative campaign on social media covering the #NineDaysOfNavratri. It is an effort by Ashoka to leverage moment marketing by engaging with their audiences during the festival period by driving a connection between the 9 auspicious colours of the festival with relevant food items. With the ultimate power and the ability to bring in anything desired, Durga and her various forms, is one of the most worshipped goddesses in India. Navratri, which translates to ‘Nine Nights’, is a big religious festivity where worshipers adore their goddess Durga in beautiful incarnations with elaborative festival activities, garba, delicious food and vibrant clothes every year. This year, however, has been a tough year for celebrations, as people had to restrict their festive activities due to the pandemic.

However, Ashoka, a Food and Beverage brand that exports Indian delicacies and basic Indian foods to the UK, the USA and Canada, came forward on social media to enlighten the #NineDaysOfNavratri with bold creatives that integrated and promoted their rich diverse Indian culinary delicacies with the nine colours of Navratri. Taking a visual first approach, the creative route encapsulates the playful dancing involved with Navratri and highlights the food items through the outfits.

The brand engaged with their audience by presenting 9 posts that resonated the nine different colours of Navratri.The brand even raised positivity and enthusiasm by incorporating quirky content in the descriptions to lighten up their audiences. With a festival dedicated to food, dance and liveliness, Ashoka, a food and beverage company managed to include topical content in its marketing plan that helped the brand create a great deal of brand recall and engagement.

Take a look at their creatives that managed to grasp our attention.