It is no surprise that Instagram has a creator centric platform that encourages individuals and brands to make the most of this platform and make themselves known to the world quite conveniently. Not just this, but making a living out of doing what they desire and being cherished by the viewers is a salient way that Instagram works.

Considering the ever-changing dynamics of the industry, Instagram now aims at not just creators benefiting from showcasing and creating art, but also everyday users sharing and displaying their support to NFT communities whom they hold dear.

The introduction of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, was confirmed to occupy a place over Instagram towards the end of 2021. Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram too commented about the same, stating that his team’s persistent efforts would make it possible in the near future.

Starting small, He recently announced that sharing created or bought NFTs will now be available. Users can not only make but sell the NFTs they have bought through stories, direct messaging or posting it over their feed.

Since owning a unique digital item is part of a decentralised web, it creates friction with the nature of Instagram being centralised. However, it’s just the beginning of learning and improving the platform for users’ ease in terms of monetization and socialisation.


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Billions of users are looking forward to having a new opportunity over their trusted platform to share something they own and love!