As we deal with the deadly pandemic, COVID-19 related searches on google are on the rise and more and more people are looking for ways to help out healthcare workers who have been the frontline warriors amidst all the turmoil. They have been putting their lives on the line to ensure others’ safety and lots of people want to pay a tribute to them by actually helping them out.

Google came up with a one-minute video that starts off with the most frequently searched pandemic related queries and then shows medical experts advising people that the best way to help out is by staying home and staying safe. They talk about how something as simple as following healthy habits like washing hands, social distancing and most importantly the appropriate use of resources like masks and PPEs can go a long way in preventing new cases. The video ends with people thanking doctors for their contributions while it urges the rest of us to do our part by staying home to save lives.

Take a look