‘Can Santa give me a bunch of Google engineers?’

Google’s rivalry with Apple has taken on a festive touch in their new commercial for the Pixel 8 as part of their ad film campaign series ‘BestPhonesEver’.

Titled ‘Must be Sansa’, their newest 1 minute and 11 seconds film showcases iPhones which have been deemed ‘old’ and thus unable to keep up with Google’s glamorous new Pixel phones. It opens with the dynamic Pixel 8 asking iPhone what it will ask Santa for, to which iPhone replies in a robot-like voice, “I want Santa to give me all the AI stuff he got you!”

This was the cue for IPhone to name several of Pixel 8’s iconic AI features, such as its ‘Best Take’, ‘Audio Magic Eraser’ or ‘Magic Editor for removing and rearranging stuff in photos’. While iPhone was confident that Santa was ‘gonna hook me up’ this year, Google Pixel replied that it wasn’t Santa who have it all its enviable AI features, but rather Google engineers. iPhone, shocked and surprised, asked, ‘Can…can Santa give me a bunch of Google engineers?’

Thus, this engaging and humorous ad simultaneously took a dig at Apple and reinforced Google’s apparently superior products.

This isn’t the only time Google has taken a swing at Apple. For example, during Halloween, Google released yet another amusing video broadcasting the launch of Google Pixel 8 by showcasing how the iPhone is terrified of people comparing the two.

The three tech giants of the globe (Google, Apple and Microsoft) regularly resort to competitive and comparative advertising in order to boost their own prestige. Google’s latest video continues the pattern and was well-received by viewers with more than 4.7 million views on YouTube.