Google launched their AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) less than three months ago. Encouraged by the positive feedback, they have decided to give it a significant new feature: the ability to summarize articles its users read on the web in crisp and easy-to-understand key pointers.

According to a Google blog post, this new feature will grant users the ability to see definitions within AI-generated responses, better understand coding information through AI overviews, and use generative AI to learn more easily as they search the web. All in all, it saves you a lot of endless scrolling time.

While Google’s SGE already streamlines search results, their latest addition is designed to take it a step further by helping you once you’ve actually clicked on a link. For example, if you search for a review of a new product or an article about a complex science or economics topic, the AI-powered search engine will churn out summaries in key pointers to help you understand the subject more clearly than before.

Named “SGE while browsing”, this new feature will unfortunately not be immediately visible for users, as Google is introducing it slowly. If users have already opted for SGE, they will gain access to this new tool, and can specially opt-in for it if they haven’t. By tapping an icon at the screen’s bottom, users can prompt Google to present “key points” AI generates from the article. However, this is specifically for articles that are publicly accessible on the web, and will not work on websites behind paywalls.

Google’s latest AI-powered feature will be accessible on the Google app for Android and iOS, with plans to extend it to the Chrome browser on desktops.