“A new modern look for the Android brand”

Google has announced a make0ver for Android’s brand by updating its logo and mascot with a new 3D look.

For the logo, “Android” now has a capital A and a rounder font so that it matches Google’s logo and appeals to modern audiences.

The biggest change, though, is Android’s robot. A gif shows the robot going from its traditional green coloring to blue, yellow and rainbow. It is additionally wearing a hat, decorated as a disco ball and covered in hair.

“The bugdroid — the face and most identifiable element of the Android robot — now appears with more dimension, and a lot more character,” Google said in their blog post. “As a visual signifier of our brand, we wanted the bugdroid to appear as dynamic as Android itself.”

Additionally, the full-body version of Android’s bugdroid has also been modified and given a 3D look so that it can be a “versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts”, according to Google.

In their recent blog post, Google said: “In the post, Google adds, “Each time we overhaul our branding, we evaluate not only changing needs but also future goals. We know people today want more choice and autonomy, and we want our brand to be reflective of Android: something that gives people the freedom to create on their terms. As an open platform, it’s important that both our technology and brand are an invitation for people to create, connect and do more with Google on Android devices.”

Google had said that viewers will begin to see new aspects of Android’s brand identity appear on Android devices starting this year.