Gender Discrimination in 21st century? Prega News wants you to consider otherwise. The prevalent bias against the girl child is still a major issue in our country. India suffers from a poor sex ratio and a dominant patriarchy only threatens to make it worse. Most people hold on to age old sexist beliefs and traditions such as dowry that further encourage female genocide. On Mother’s Day 2019, Prega News took a firm stand against this rampant sexism with a heart-warming video that came with a moving message.

It’s truly disheartening to see the news of a baby’s arrival being viewed adversely due to its gender. Prega News urged people to change their mind-set and embrace equality in the new age and realise that a baby’s advent into the home is a blissful affair regardless of its gender. They believe that if we must pray for something, it should be for the health and well-being of the child and its mother rather than adhering to sexist biases of the yesteryears. The Prega News pregnancy detection kit has been bringing joy into homes around India for years with their message #GoodNewsIsGenderFree.

Watch the video to know how Prega News brought Good News in 2019!