Godrej Interio, a business of Godrej and Boyce, has launched a new digital campaign, ‘Meta Match Madness’ with two films that that convey how everyone will be watching cricket this season with comfortable Godrej Interio furniture.

Every home has two types of people – cricket lovers and the ones who don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Godrej Interio’s brilliantly shot DVC highlights this interesting difference and shows how their comfortable and well-designed furniture can work wonders by bringing the whole family together to watch cricket, regardless of whether they love the game or enjoy the comfort of Godrej Interio furniture.

Godrej’s short commercials aimed to appeal to a wider audience by presenting them with relatable, daily-life scenarios: a good-humored argument with a family and a playful debate with a couple. Both of these ended in relaxation and laughter, associating Godrej Interio with comfort and joy and appealing to their viewers’ emotions as a result.

Sumeet Bhojani, Head of Marketing Communications, Godrej Interio, said, “The festive period is important for us because our largest consumer offer is launched during this time. This year, we have taken the context of the cricket season and woven that into our offer communication. These films don’t just speak about the offer but also show how our well-designed furniture offer comfort and relevant features to the consumer, thus bringing the whole family together to enjoy cricket”.

Ayan Chakraborty, General Manager, Contract Mumbai, shares the inspiration behind this commercial, “Godrej Interio’s range of furniture has always been popular among families wanting something unique and what better way to unite a family in India than watching a game of cricket together. And that’s exactly what we did for the festive season.”

To ensure that their new campaign received the maximum reach, the video is being promoted across various social and digital platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, along with a strong social media influencer marketing plan to enhance its appeal and relatability. Both films have also been translated into Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam to appeal to regional viewers, though the primary focus will be in Hindi.