The world is going through a difficult phase due to the ongoing pandemic and small businesses have been at the receiving end of this. Those like barbers who depend on a daily influx of customers are some of the worst-hit due to the lockdowns. Now as things are slowly opening up, it is more important than ever to take the necessary precautions against the virus.

Gillette came up with a Barber Suraksha Program along with agency Geometry Encompass to protect and educate barbers as things have slowly started resuming across the country. They distributed sanitation kits to barbers which included protective equipment like face shields, masks and aprons along with disposable blades and shaving kits.

The campaign has a series of animated ads that explain the best practices for safety against the virus while giving a sense of hope to saloon owners.

In another ad, they used amazing visuals to show us the difficult situation the barbers are in and collaborated with Sachin Tendulkar who implored people to help them out.