Celebrating the annual ritual where women across the country fast for the longevity of their husband’s lives, Myra’s video campaign brings out the honest partnership shared by couples

Every year on Karwa Chauth, married women across the country observe a day-long fast for the longevity of the life of their significant other as part of an age-old custom. These days, the fast is not only observed by wives but men do it too as a gesture for their spouse.

This year Gemius decided to remind couples of each other’s quirks and love language through their campaign #ToTheMoonAndBack with Myra. Myra is a diamond boutique that aims to cater to the younger audiences and provide them with a range of jewels that they can adorn time and again while also upholding the symbolic meaning that is inherent to jewellery.

The idea of the campaign was to feature love stories of real couples, their dynamics, chemistry, and how they make their marriage work through light-hearted rapid-fire questions. Every couple’s narrative was heart-warming and fun to watch as these were unfiltered answers and reactions.

Speaking on the campaign idea Co-founder of Gemius, Anushree said, “Karwa Chauth is a ritual a lot of married women in India perform annually but we were somehow losing the essence of the custom, i.e. the love and romance of it. We wanted to remind people of the sentiment attached to the fasting and emphasize on the passion and commitment it takes to make a relationship work.”

Part of the video was also Mr. Harsh Sanghavi along with his wife Mrs. Prachi Sanghavi, co-founders of Myra – Chitrank & Aayushi Murarka and Vikas & Tanushree, and others.

Vikas Narnolia Co-founder of Myra said, “This time around we wanted to do something different for Karwa Chauth to underline the importance of love in a relationship and how, if there is honest communication and romance between couples, it translates on the outside as well. ToTheMoonAndBack is our way of putting a spotlight on the essential elements attached to Karwa Chauth.”