Fiverr, a freelance job marketplace, aims to lead the way by embracing the endless possibilities of AI in their new campaign, ‘Power of Humanity’.

In their 60-second hero ad, Fiverr takes viewers to a distant future where to “AI beings” (aka: robots) converse about the phenomenal characteristics of humanity. With exciting sound design and other colorful footage, the ad takes viewers on a journey showcasing human life and ingenuity. This aims to reassure viewers’ concerns about AI by reassuring them that, with humans at the helm, AI can lead to incredible results in one’s work.

The OOH ad went live on September 11th in New York City.

This was accompanied by yet another one of Fiverr’s initiatives that attempted to showcase how AI can help humans rather than hinder them. Releasing multiple colourful flashcards with people standing in identical poses, Fiverr wrote  “AI TOOK MY JOB’ in the caption before subverting it by writing, “TO THE NEXT LEVEL’ right below. Thus, it showcases Fiverr’s expectation that rather than stealing their jobs, AI will help people grow in their careers aim.

This campaign included several other high-profile initiatives since January of this year. This includes an open letter in The New York Times penned by Fiverr’s CEO Micha Kaufman, new categories in Fiverr’s marketplace, and the release of a new AI matching tool called “Fiverr Neo’. Additionally, Fiverr has launched a dedicated AI Content Hub to help other freelancers and businesses navigate ways to implement AI into their workplaces, including the Explorers Hub and Tech Hub.

Whether Fiverr’s aim of enhancing the use of AI is possible, or whether it applies to more specific rather than universal scenarios, is up for debate. However, no one can deny Fiverr’s clear energy and commitment to ensuring the comfort and provoking increased enthusiasm from its customers.