The hottest topic on social media just got more traffic with the introduction of a new idea that Fractal Picture and Katara Studios brought together. The two partnered up with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and created a remarkable mascot La’eeb.

La’eeb was featured in a film released alongside RED ONE and his ‘mascot-verse’ friends to show the true origin of this great sport and its capabilities.

“La’eeb who is inspired from the traditional Qatari Keffiyeh (headwear), represents the culture and sensibilities of the FIFA host country. He is conceptualised as a football enthusiast so that the audience connect is instantaneous. Its rare to be associated with one of the planets biggest events and be given an opportunity to create and produce beautiful visuals for a global audience and leave an indelible creative footprint on the global map,” said Aijaz Rashid, Creative Producer, Fractal Picture. 

This spirited mascot received immense love online from the viewers for the unique idea that this film portrayed with cutting-edge visuals, transporting the viewer beyond the realms of ordinary imagination.

“It was very exciting to be involved in this project and our objective was to deliver something different to every previous mascot launch. One of our main aims was to present him in a humorous and interactive way while ensuring he appeals to as many people as possible – not just football fans. During the development and animation process, we looked at La’eeb from an outsider’s point of view. Part of the challenge was creating content that non-football fans would enjoy – and I think La’eeb ended up being liked by everyone due to his uplifting personality. I’m very proud of what our team at Katara Studios and Fractal Picture collaboration has produced for all mascot-related content for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which would set a standard never seen before for any previous mascot in terms of the amount of content, activations, and approach,” said Ahmed Al Bakr, CEO Katara Studios. 

The creative and innovative film then turned into a 5-episode continuation due to its resounding success. The campaign further adds to its engagement from the viewers by introducing an in-stadium installation called the “Laeeb Hype Show”.

Anish Mulani, Co-founder & CEO, Fractal Picture, said, “I’d like to believe we scored the GOAL on this one. The opportunity to create an original and iconic identity such as La’eeb is an honour and a proud moment for our studio, and country.

I’d like to thank our artists, producers and partners at Katara Studios for putting their faith in us from the get-go. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience to produce La’eeb and be part of the FIFA World Cup.”