With countless creative campaigns that come our way every day, only a few have an impact on the minds or are remembered. One such campaign was recently released by none other than a much-loved brand, 7UP by Pepsico.

The campaign was designed in such a way that it not only celebrates the power of sharp wits but also encourages the youth to channel this strength.

7UP uses their witty mascot, Fido, ‘The smartest alec in town’, as a depiction of unordinary ways to get out of sticky situations that are portrayed in the campaign.

The ‘Think Fresh’ motto initiated by 7UP is a great way to normalise the personal and societal problems faced by youth, who often find themselves without an easy way out.

7UP, our clear refreshing drink, is all about refreshment and therefore incites youth to ‘Think Fresh and confront the numerous lifes curveballs with a cool head and clever thinking,” says Naseeb Puri, Senior Marketing Director, Flavors, PepsiCo India.

“The new campaign highlights the daily challenges we confront and encourages consumers to take a refreshed approach to prevail in this ever-changing reality is to retain a cool head and keep a quick wit.” she further adds.

The campaign features amazing out-of-the-box hacks that could only be a result of Fido’s unmatched imagination and that helps the puzzled youth in every way possible.

The motivation to keep thinking of new ideas and tackle every situation with a creative bent of mind is the message that this campaign aims to deliver widely.