Brands are constantly looking for unique and fun ways to connect with young audiences. The Coca-Cola company markets Fanta as its most fun product and wants to associate the beverage with an enthusiastic young crowd. The problem is that their target audience hates being advertised to. To work around this, Fanta Brazil partnered up with Gameloft and Ogilvy to come up with a new digital campaign series called The Snack Saga that relies on gamification of their brand to drive its message as opposed to using conventional ads.

They created an innovative 3D platform game that uses voice-control for a unique and delightful platforming experience. The player controls the height of their character’s jump with the volume of their voice by screaming out the word ‘Fanta’. Within just two weeks of the game’s launch, it already had over 464k different players. They created tremendous brand recall using non-conventional advertising which shows that understanding your target audience can give you a great advantage in marketing.