A brand logo is a tool of public identification for linking the services or goods to the company. It’s part of the identity of an organization, in other words. The public would be unable to distinguish between enterprises without certain branding and cannot, therefore, demand a certain consistency or norm from the business they associate with.

If a logo is successfully created, the unique sales proposition of an enterprise that ultimately spreads the enterprise to a subconscious degree can be brought to mind.

Although many companies continue to maintain their identities and objectives for years, their icons are also regularly renewed.

Often rebranding is important in order to shape the company’s potential, but you can take advantage by simply improve the logo design. A redesigned logo attracts and influences consumers a great deal.

Here are some brands that have revamped their logos years after being in the industry they partake in:

1) Apple

2) Microsoft

3) Levi’s

4) AT&T

5) Visa

6) Kodak

7) Burger King

8) Shell

9) Walmart

10) Nike