Facebook’s latest commercial ‘More Together – Rizwan’ is receiving all the love and attention it deserves. A part of the More Together campaign for Eid, the commercial encapsulates the apprehensions of being vaccinated, pain, and hope.

The commercial commences with an old lady packing lunch for a lad later identified as Rizwan who uses Facebook to let people know he is available to help them with getting their vaccination shots. He tries different ways to convince reluctant elderly to get them vaccinated so that they stay safe.

However, one adamant old lady is completely opposed to getting vaccinated but eventually listens to Rizwan and abides by his words, and gets the due shots. Whilst scrolling through Facebook, the old lady comes across a post by Rizwan wherein he talks about how his own parents succumbed to the claws of Covid-19 and isn’t too keen on celebrating Eid.  The old lady decides to take matters into her own hand and prepares a meal for him which is shared over unconditional love for each other.

According to a Facebook spokesperson in an interview with Mint, they said, “Our continuous endeavor is to showcase stories that demonstrate how people can connect and support each other. We believe people can do more together than alone, and this film is a humble reminder of when we take care of each other, support one another through good times and bad, we can overcome the challenges thrown at us.”