Facebook is testing a new tool that is supposed to enable users to access news content from their subscribed publishers. It is presently working on collaborating with publishers to put the new tool to test, so as to integrate the feature in a way that will allow users to link their news subscriptions to the platform directly. What this means is that users will see more articles from their linked subscription accounts in their newsfeed through Facebook News. It will also give users access to content from those publishers without having to sign in repeatedly for each article, or go through paywalls.

The main aim of this new tool is to streamline and enhance the experience of consuming news content on Facebook while helping publishers better connect with their subscribers. It will also help users consume more reliable news content from the sources they trust. Facebook is further providing incentives for publishers to join hands with them by adding additional story-telling tools for partner brands.

Facebook is actively trying to add more partners to its testing phase and is measuring the effectiveness of account linking on subscriber retention along with other factors to calculate the impact of this tool for publishers. The platform is also testing new places for people to link their accounts within the Facebook app, such as within Facebook News.

Further, Facebook is working to add more partners to the testing phase as well as actively working to measure subscriber retention driven by account linking. They are also testing new places for subscribers to link their accounts within the app, such as within Facebook news.

“Publishers in all world regions are building sustainable, enduring relationships with loyal readers,” said David Grant, program manager for the Facebook Journalism Project’s Accelerator program. “Through account linking, we hope that Facebook can be a powerful extension of those efforts, helping news organizations drive deeper subscriber engagement and bring more paying readers to their high-quality journalism, which is the foundation of keeping communities informed and connected.”