Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to look at Instagram stories on Facebook. Your Stories will only be visible to your Instagram followers who are also your friends on Facebook. Naturally, the option will only be available to users who have their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked and opt into the cross-platform Stories. Instagram users will also be given the choice of whether they want their stories visible on Facebook.

The feature was first spotted by

Twitter and the testing was later confirmed by Alexandru Voica from Facebook to social media Blogger Matt Navarra who shared a Tweet about the same




Viewers will be able to differentiate which platform the Story is from based on the colour of the ring around the story and the Stories from Instagram will feature the username as opposed to the person’s actual name. Views and Story replies for the cross-platform experience will also be shown on Instagram.

The Stories feature on Facebook hasn’t been as popular as its Instagram or Snapchat counterparts and this might give it the necessary boost. The feature is currently only being tested on a limited number of users and whether the feature will be implemented or not depends on how it will be received.