Furnishing fabric brand D’Decor has launched its new brand, FabriCare, to specialize in high-performance fabrics. To celebrate and advertise this launch, they have released a captivating ad film featuring none other than Bollywood’s leading superstars: Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.

The ad film, directed by Varun Bala, produced by Dharma 2.0 and executed by 8.25 Communications, aims to combine playful humor with an effective emphasis on the individuality and unique selling points of FabriCare.

The 1-minute-long ad video begins with SRK preparing for a party and is surprised by a group of martial arts fighters who invade the room and accost him. However, he does not back down but gives them suitably witty warnings like “Arey joote leke mat chado na please” (Hey, no jumping on the sofa with shoes). Alia Bhatt eventually joins him and asks what he is doing, and when he points at his valuable sofa covers, saying he is “protecting these beauties”, she comically says “These beauties don’t need protection”.

FabriCare’s decision to use SRK and Alia Bhatt in their ad film will be sure to work wonders. The duo has not been seen together since their 2016 hit Dear Zindagi, and their unexpected pairing will undoubtedly spark excitement among their fanbases, leading to a potentially wider audience for FabriCare.

Additionally, D’Decor has hinted at the release of several other ad films, revealing the sheer scope of their new campaign.