Microblogging platform X, formerly Twitter, has tested a new video game streaming feature which brings it closer to becoming an ‘everything app’.

Elon Musk, the owner of the platform, shared an hour-long Blizzard Diablo PvP arena gameplay episode on his alleged gaming handle. The post read, ‘Just a quick test of X video game streaming’.

Musk also shared a small clip of it from his official handle:

X additionally shared a helpful tutorial on the various steps involved in broadcasting the streaming.

Musk’s live stream occurred on October 3, lasting around 40 minutes. However, in the video, Musk himself complains of issues like flickering and high-pitched voice frequently, and reveals that it’s not yet ideal to add the video game streaming option to X, because the platform needs to make the process smoother to use. He also added that X users can’t change their video quality as of yet.

This new development heralds X’s expansion into the video game sector, which is currently dominated by Amazon’s Twitch. Reacting to Musk’s post on X, one user reacted ‘RIP Twitch and YouTube’.

However, it remains to be seen if X will be able to perfect this new feature, and how it will be received by audiences.