Elon Musk has announced the removal of the ‘block’ feature from microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Replying  to a tweet by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, Musk claimed that the ability to block will soon be deleted as a feature from X, saying that “it makes no sense”. However, it will still available for direct messages.

However, Musk has clarified that X would retain the mute option, which screens a user from seeing a specific account. However, unlike blocking, it doesn’t alert the other account to this action.

Blocking is a must-have for any social media network and provides its users with necessary benefits, ranging from cleaning up spam in their replies to avoiding hate-fueled harassment. However, Musk’s feelings towards the feature appear to be less than positive. Over the past year, he has made his thoughts about it clear: he has complained about large block lists and mass blocking campaigns and, in June, has claimed that Twitter should remove blocking in favor of “a stronger form of mute”. With that context, his latest announcement is not particularly surprising. However, considering Musk’s history of delayed or dismissed promises, there’s no telling when – of if – his decision will be implemented.

This controversial decision was predictably met with anger from the X and the wider internet. Some users understandably sought to make light of such the unexpected announcement:

Other users tried to emphasize the potentially harmful implications of Musk’s decision:

Only time will tell if Musk decides to go through with his evidently unpopular plan, and what effects it will have on the wider X community.