Right now’s the time to check your Twitter! If you havent seen Elons updated Twitter rules, youre missing a major internet update! These new rules have gotten all marketers talking. What are they?

And what do these rules mean for us? Let’s break it down…

To make official Twitter as simple and efficient as possible, Elon Musk and his Twitter team have gone all out with their new guidelines.

What are the new guidelines?

To keep up with the fierce competition on social media, Elon decided that links to any third party or competing social platform on Twitter will no longer be allowed.

Users will no longer be able to advertise their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, or Posts presence on Twitter.

This means that users can no longer link to their profiles on other social networks in their Twitter bios or post messages encouraging followers to visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

The restriction extends beyond just sharing links from competing platforms; it also prohibits providing usernames or handles from those networks without URLs.

To this, users were not only taken aback but also disappointed.

Standing against this alleged ‘free promotion’, Twitter explains the rules stating, “We recognize that many of our users are active on other social media platforms. However, we will no longer allow free promotion of certain social media platforms on Twitter.”

Twitter isn’t providing free reach to its potential advertisers, which is unfortunate for the social media platform. But it does provide a nice competitive advantage for Twitter on this front.

“Specifically, we will remove accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other social platforms and content that contains links or usernames for the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post.”

“We recognize that certain social media platforms provide alternative experiences to Twitter, and allow users to post content to Twitter from these platforms. In general, any type of cross-posting to our platform is not in violation of this policy, even from the prohibited sites listed above.”

A tweet from Elon Musk appears to go against Twitters support website, which claims that users can no longer tweet out anything from blocked platforms unless it is cross-posted to both platforms.

He says, “Casually posting a few links here and there is OK, but no more relentless free advertising of competitors.”