Janmashtami, a well-awaited festival honouring the birth of Lord Krishna, is right around the corner. Besides bringing tremendous joy, festivals are known to bring a span of campaigns executed by brands as a token of appreciation and celebration.

We’ve seen all categories of generic wishing posts that are no doubt, filled and created with love. However, a few of these campaigns have caught the eye this past year and we’re listing them out for marketing to inspire.

Here are the most remarkable Janmashtami wishes of 2021-

1) OYO Rooms

A hilarious way of portraying reality, OYO Rooms created a pyramid of wishes that every common man has during Janmashtami!

2) McDonald’s India

What’s a good campaign without an incredibly smart design? Here’s a beautiful creative ad that McDonald’s came up with, portraying the burger as a handi and leaving a smile on the viewers with such a simple design with brilliant execution.

3) Zomato

Keeping up with the happenings of the time, Zomato came up with an exemplary example of a campaign that did not require the backing of any creative designs.

4) MakeMyTrip

Lord Krishna isn’t just represented by a flute. It’s the ‘mor-pank’ that reminds us of him. Cherishing this, MakeMyTrip went all out with creativity and launched a beautiful post that associated well with the brand too.

5) Dabur Honey

When thinking of Lord Krishna and Janmashtami, the first thing that comes to mind is his naive mischiefs that are reminisced in every child. Dabur Honey executed an ad focusing on the same and made a simple creative, worthwhile.