Last year hit the healthcare professionals pretty hard. With an overwhelming number of patients suffering from Covid-19 and an underwhelming amount of resources, these healthcare professionals had to over-exert themselves more than their capabilities to save lives.

Unfortunately, despite all their work, these healthcare professionals werent taken seriously. Many doubted the virus, questioned their practices, and some even downright insulted and discredited them.

Dove, however, wasnt having any of it. Through its campaign Courage Is Beautiful, Dove expressed its gratitude towards all healthcare professionals who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines since the start of the pandemic. Dove released print ads displaying the faces of nurses and doctors marked by the protective gear they must wear every day, showing the conditions they undergo to save lives.

According to an interview with Ad Age, Alfredo Manfredi, Executive Vice President of the Global Dove brand, said, “There was a feeling we got that courage is beautiful. We thought, Why not try to show people who were doing this and also ask people to join us to thank these people who are risking their lives? We did it in, I have to say, four or five days.”

“As a thank you, Dove is donating to @DirectRelief to care for front-line health care workers in the US. See what else we’re doing and join us at,” Dove tweeted. Unilever, Dove’s parent company, had donated more than $108 million of supplies and money to charities like Feed America.