Dove recently launched a campaign called ”Reverse Selfie” to address the impact of editing and filtering pictures on social media have on girls and the deterioration of their self-esteem.

The project’s film brings these topics to light. It’s a recent film that reverses the process of a teenage girl applying lipstick, taking photos, and editing her selfie before sharing it.

We see an impossibly perfect picture on social media at the start of the film, and by the end, we meet a real, young girl sitting in her childhood bedroom.

The movement seeks to combat the widespread use of extensively filtered and retouched photographs on the internet.

Through speaking to girls, Dove’s research concluded that “if images on social media were more representative of the way girls look in everyday life, they would feel more confident.”

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The campaign urges viewers to help undo social media’s damaging effects on self-confidence, which were made worse during the pandemic.

The campaign asks people, specifically parents, to sit down with their kids and have conversations on the implications editing apps have on their minds and how they create unrealistic beauty standards.