While we’re still under lockdown and social distancing is going to remain the mantra for the foreseeable future, people haven’t had the opportunity to put on their best party outfits and social media has missed out on those #OOTD posts since quite a while. Discerning this fact, a new trend bloomed on TikTok where people would use a brush against the camera and then magically have changed from their casual home attire to their most glamourous outfit in an instant. It is also an opportunity to socialise and participate in a fun activity with their friends as the challenge ends with the participant throwing the brush to one side of the screen and subsequently the next participant starts off by having the brush thrown at them from the same side, as though having caught the same brush. The challenge ironically named #DontRush is almost akin to that of Cinderella from the fairy-tales, encourages the idea that every day is a celebration worth looking beautiful for.

The challenge took a cultural visage when it hit TikTok and Instagram in India where people would dawn on their best saris and lehengas over wearing dresses to celebrate the beauty of their cultural ensemble. Several popular social media bloggers took part in this challenge encouraging positivity in these trying times which can really help the mental health.

Take a look at how these bloggers groove together during isolation by being all glammed up!