‘Out with the old, in with the new!’

Croma has ended the year with a bang. Their end-of-the-year campaign in the Tamil Nadu Market comprises of a series of DVCs which encourage customers to part ways with outdated electronics and embrace the future with the latest striking gadgets.

Conceptualized by the in-house Croma Team, the DVCs contain both comedy and insightfulness, showcasing a grandmother guiding her family to embrace the latest electronics through Croma’s mega exchange. It opens with the sudden entrance of a bodybuilder in the house, who takes an old phone from a stunned child. The narrative takes a humorous turn with the introduction of a super-grandmother who leads the mission to remove old, outdated electronic gadgets from her house. This culminates in a merry scene at a Croma store where the family is finally reunited and celebrate by collecting shining new products. By flipping around expectations, this DVC ensures that it will catch its audience’s attention and win their hearts across the country.

Speaking on the campaign in Tamil Nadu, Shibashish Roy, the Chief Operating Officer at Croma,” We launched our first store in Tamil Nadu in 2009, and since then, we have scaled up to 25 plus stores to cater to the growing demand. We’re aligned with the discerning preferences of Tamil Nadu residents, and our ‘End-of-the-Year’ campaign embodies our dedication to exceptional service, offering a diverse range of gadgets. We’re excited to evolve alongside evolving needs and contribute to the state’s vibrant electronic retail landscape.”

Croma’s campaign aims to ensure maximum reach and consumer awareness and thus takes a 360-degree marketing approach in Tamil Nadu with several touchpoints. This campaign will also be out on various channels, including digital platforms, social media and retail stores.