Whatsapp has come up with a new feature that will help connect users to each other more closely. It has now enabled a personalised avatar as a profile photo, allowing users to express themselves to the world with just one picture.

In the latest update, WhatsApp has introduced the use of a personalised avatar as a profile photo. Users can also choose from 36 custom stickers, reflecting many different emotions and actions, that allow a user to be funny, witty or quirky.

Musician Diljit Dosanjh recently seized this opportunity and collaborated with Whatsapp with regard to this latest update which turned out to be an exciting addition for the users of this messaging platform and Diljit’s fans.

With a first-of-its-kind, ‘Say More With Avatars’ activation took place in a live concert of the artist, Diljit and to this, Diljit’s fans reactions were quite remarkable and supportive.

They actively participated in the contest to create and forward their personalised Avatars to a special WhatsApp number. A selected few were then given a chance to interact with Diljit in a private meet-and-greet session.

Diljit said,” WhatsApp is how I stay connected with friends and family in India while I travel the world. I send pictures, and videos of all my concerts and so much more through WhatsApp. I am personally excited about the launch of avatars because I love to express myself in many different ways as an artist and as a person and avatars help me do just that. It has democratised expressions for everyone!”

Avinash Pant, Director of Marketing, Meta India, said, “Launching avatars on WhatsApp in India with Diljit Dosanjh is very special. Transcending cultures and genre, Diljit’s music epitomises limitless self-expression, which is symbolic of what avatars on WhatsApp stands for. Avatars enable personalised self-expression for everyone, giving people the freedom of representing themselves without sharing their real photos. Taking this integrated marketing campaign ahead, we will amplify avatars amongst users via OOH, on-ground activations and digital platforms.”

This latest update received massive attention due to the collaboration and WhatsApp promises to only make it better. WhatsApp intends to keep enhancing its avatars with add-on elements like lighting, shading, hairstyle textures, and much more.