As AI continues to take the world by storm, the demand for AI courses have skyrocketed as Indians continually seek upskilling platforms. These new skills are not only extremely useful for our increasingly digitized world, but will also help them secure new jobs. Due to the soaring demand for such courses, a rapidly growing number of upskilling startups have added AI-related courses to their curriculum.

Recently, Moneycontrol has put together a list of 30 AI courses hosted by around 8 startups in India:

According to Hari Krishnan Nair, co-founder of Great Learning, the demand for generative AI courses has received an unprecedented increase during the past four to five months, both in India and internationally.

Nair said at BT Best B-Schools & HR Summit: “In the last five to six months, the demand that we are seeing for generative AI courses, not just in the Indian audience segment but also internationally, especially in the US, has gone through the roof; it’s a massive ramp-up. Now, because we know that’s happening, we know that this is the cue that people want to learn generative AI. Let’s have the right course, let’s partner with the right organisations, the right university, so that they get that skill set and thereby become employable.”

The increase of generative AI courses in India is not surprising. As per a report compiled by the popular job portal, Indeed, there has been a 150% surge in AI-related job postings in India over the past five years. There have been similar trends in Singapore and the USA. 

These studies have been conducted at a time when speculation is ripe regarding the future of AI and the possibly destructive potential it can have on jobs. It certainly seems likely that, in due time, AI will impact all fields of work. However, according to World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Future of Jobs report said AI will give rise to prominent roles such as machine learning specialists, scientists, data analysts and digital transformational specialists. Considering the surge of AI courses generated by startups in India, and the eagerness displayed by tech talents, WEF’s prediction seems likely.