Dell Technologies has introduced new AI offerings to help customers build quick and secure AI models to drive new levels of intelligence and accelerate improved outcomes.

Dell, the world’s leading PC maker, is going big on Generative AI. The company released what it calls “Dell Generative AI Solutions”, a platform to help clients to gain valuable insights and enable innovation through AI. It will also offer new hardware setups, computers, and a managed service platform that will run quicker and better than ever before.

Dell partnered with chip maker Nvidia for the infrastructure side of the project. With Dell’s enterprise AI software and data storage and Nvidia’s Tensor Core GPU, companies will be able to run AI models much faster. This will enable Dell to release new computers with built-in AI capabilities to function as small, battery-efficient machines.

In addition to Dell Generative AI Solutions, the company also announced, “Dell Professional Services”, a service platform that will help users experiment with AI models and improve their efficiency in order to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Dell’s latest announcement marks a significant milestone in the global use of AI. While the AI arms race rages on between developers of large models like Meta and OpenAI, it’s evident that several large-scale tech companies are also interested in its potential benefits. Due to the hype AI generates, several companies now believe that they need AI services to keep up with clients’ demands, including industry giants like Amazon and service companies like Accenture. Dell is evidently following this trend, and the sheer scale of their project indicates their long-term commitment to the venture.