, a health and fitness brand, has announced dynamic superstar Ranveer Singh as their new brand ambassador.

Their much-needed campaign has been launched amid recent studies that only a small fraction of Indians actually engage in fitness pursuits, which has prompted a flurry of initiatives that seek to promote a healthy, active way of life, especially in this post-Pandemic era. aims to lead the way, seeking to raise awareness, encourage participation provide access to a range of exciting and exclusive fitness solutions. Their partnership with Ranveer Singh signifies a revolutionary milestone in the fitness industry and will undoubtedly inspire countless Indians to pursue fitness endeavors.’s new ad by Bare Bones Collective dismisses the severe, rigorous, cliche black-and-white gym culture, and instead tries to brighten everyone’s screens by depicting a world of vibrant colors, healthy fun and purple-and-orange workout jackets.

As their new “Motivator in Chief”, Ranveer Singh will introduce a much-needed change in the fitness culture, emphasizing the need to enjoy your workout rather than tolerating it. His role in this collaboration is not limited to one single ad. He will also feature in a series of inventive formats across the brand’s digital and on-ground assets such as’s app, social media and centers to encourage Indians to prioritize their fitness. For example, TV screens at workout centers will now display Singh before sessions begin in order to motivate you and congratulate you at the end.

Singh also prioritizes trainers. Not only does he give them a shout-out in the ad, they have also received official certificates in their emails, making them part of his motivation group.

Naresh Krishnaswamy, Head of, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, complimenting Ranveer Singh’s spirited mindset, boundless energy and fervor for fitness which perfectly align with the vision and ethos of This alliance will help them amplify’s message to a broad audience and render fitness more attainable for everyone. Given Singh’s matchless ability to forge authentic connections, he would be a perfect match for’s decision to collaborate with Ranveer Singh is undoubtedly ingenious. By leveraging his superstar status and harnessing his enthusiasm and dynamic social presence, they will be able to appeal to a mass audience, simultaneously increasing brand awareness and committing to their vision of encouraging and providing access to healthy, active fitness initiatives.