Twitter is yet again swamped with an argument based on controversy and this time it has been started by the highly applauded footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his latest statements.

This began with the player doing an all-tell interview with Piers Morgan and dropping some truth bombs about a reputed football club Manchester United.

The player accused the club of bearing no dedication towards the actual sport, rather giving it the title of ‘marketing club’, concentrating only on earning from marketing.

0Just as he comments on this allegedly marketing-centric nature of the club, the player goes out and tweets about launching his personalised NFTs with Binance, marketing the sale of his career highlights through these NFTs.

My NFT collection is coming on November 18, exclusively on @binance, tweets Ronaldo.

This is your chance to join my Web3 community and own iconic moments from my career.

Sign up now with code RONALDO to prepare, and receive a surprise when the collection drops.

Following this, the player received backlash on this absurd marketing timing of his launch and made tweets addressing this controversy, calling the player a ‘hypocrite’

As fellow marketers, delaying the launch to regain support from the lost fans or simply giving it time to melt down the heat would have given more credibility to this launch and definitely would have made it a success. What do you think?