“We have all heard that love cannot be measured. But will we not be lying if we say that we have never tried to?”

The Man Company, a men’s grooming brand, says yes to #CountingLove this Valentine’s Day with its latest digital film.

Starring Anushka Sen, a social media influencer and actor, and Vihaan Samat, widely recognized for his role in the popular OTT series Mismatched, and Anushka Sen, the Man Company’s new film takes audience through the story of a young couple in love.

Transcending the traditional notions of celebrating romance for a single day, #CountingLove instead embraces the love woven with joy, laughter, affection, shared experiences, vulnerability, agony, and a complex myriad of perfect and imperfect emotions. Vihaan and Anushka lead the way, hopping on their roller-coaster ride of love to show all of its relatable intricacies. It resembled both the initial days of an exciting romance and all the complicated faces of love which follow.

 Jatin Luthra, head of marketing, The Man Company, said: “We seek to dive into the beauty of a relationship through countless small yet authentic moments. The idea is not to establish an ideal kind of love but to encourage couples to celebrate their infinite moments of love. With romance in the air, we want to garner brand love by telling a story that resonates with the audience, making them relive the not-so-perfectly-perfect trajectory of their relationships.”

With more than 1.4 million views till date, the video has been praised with a flood of warm reviews. “his is gem of a video – it’s both informative and entertaining,” one user wrote. “Wow, this video is truly captivating! The content is well-explained,” another commented.

The film is available on The Man Company’s YouTube channel and other digital platforms. The brand is also offering a range of unique gift sets for men, specially curated for the occasion.