WhatsApp has decided to further increase the functionality of its chats, especially for group chats. The latest features will enhance the way users communicate with one another and will add flexibility.

Recently through a video on Twitter, WhatsApp announced its latest addition under the name of ‘Communities’. The main intention behind this feature is to allow users to bring together their group of people under specific genres.

With the help of Communities, Whatsapp will now promise more ease and efficiency in connecting with people by not sacrificing their privacy.

Understanding the face-paced nature of social media and its ever-increasing use of it, WhatsApp also added, “Parents at a school, local clubs, and even small workplaces now rely on WhatsApp as their primary way of keeping people up to date. These groups need private ways of communicating that are distinct from social media but provide more tools to facilitate real-time conversations than e-mail or broadcast only channels.”

The app will now enable the users to be able to make groups and have their desired conversation without making it public with promised encryption. The issue of not being able to share longer file sizes has also been resolved with the feature of sharing file sizes up to 2 GB.

Along with file sharing, they also introduced group calls for up to 30 people together and emoji reactions. Keeping in mind the problems that a basic forwarding text can cause, WhatsApp also limited it and stated, “To limit noise and overload, only Community admins will be able to send messages to all Community members – this is called the announcement group for the community. We will initially support community announcements for several thousands of users. Community members can chat in the smaller groups that admins have created or approved. We plan incremental increases to group sizes as we bring more controls to admins and users.”