Colgate India has stepped up its game in strategic OOH advertising to encourage customers’ habit of brushing their teeth every night.

Their new billboard has been cleverly placed above a Cadbury billboard in Mumbai, India. Its headline translates to “Enjoy chocolate, but also brush your teeth at night”. The hashtag above its brand logo similarly reads, #BrushTonight.

Colgate’s new ad is both simple and effective. By its contextual placement, viewers will be able to understand Colgate’s message. This is made even clearer by the visuals of the ad itself: apart from its message and is logo, it is dominated by a single image of a toothbrush and a piece of chocolate placed above it. This framing allows Colgate to take advantage of Cadbury’s already-popular ad by provoking humor at their expense. Additionally, this positioning has ensured that Colgate reaches their target audience for the billboard – namely, people who enjoy chocolate.

Social media users on LinkedIn and Instagram have observed how both Colgate and Cadbury are managed by the same agency, Ogilvy, which makes Colgate’s billboard even more amusing.

Colgate has evidently managed to achieve all the theoretical benefits of OOH advertising. Its strategic placement and humor have both drawn enough attention to be re-posted on social media, particularly LinkedIn and Instagram, where social media users are expressing appreciation for their unique manner of conveying their message.